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By | November 25, 2021

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A: He took all of his 2 quart, hot, and soapy enema and held it the required 10 minutes. Now, he is cleaned out. Good boy! Both nozzles work well, though the bardex with its balloon will ensure the boy takes and holds the whole bag. Procedure: Wake boy up in the morning and tell him to report to bathroom in underpants and sox if desired. Have enema bag prepared and hanging for him to plainly see. Address his shortfalls e.

mature enema videos mature enema videos mature enema videos

A high enema is an enema that cleans out the entire length of colon between the rectum and the cecum, unlike a regular enema that only cleans out the lower part of the colon. A high enema may be performed to relieve constipation or to prepare someone for a photoscopic exam or other various medical procedures involving the bowel. The use of these enemas is a popular body-cleansing practice among natural and holistic health enthusiasts.

A high enema is a relatively simple and painless procedure. A clear enema bag is filled with a solution of two to three quarts of warm water that has been filtered and mixed with one tablespoon of salt, baking soda , Epsom salt or an herbal mixture. A mild soap can also be used at one teaspoon per quart of water. Attached to the enema bag is a rectal tube with a nozzle or tip.

mature enema videos mature enema videos mature enema videos

The Erotic Enema Clinic is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. We finally have enemas available and Cara gleefully demonstrates how to use one. These simple devices could potentially save your day from constipation, low.

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I am a married year-old post-menopausal woman. My libido has diminished significantly, and it takes me much longer to climax. My husband gets tired sooner and is unable to maintain an erection as long as he used to this makes it even more difficult for me to climax. I have taken up an activity I did in my 20s when I was single: giving myself enemas.

The enema-induced orgasms are fantastic. Am I doing any harm to my body by doing frequent quart-size soapy enemas using a retention balloon nozzle and holding it as long as possible and then masturbating as I expel? I would die if a doctor figured it out. That said, menopause can be tricky, but one can adapt to changes that may occur. There are medications and lubricants and all sorts of tricks.

If it would really and truly kill you if your doc figured it out, FLEET, how about a face-and-rump-saving white lie? Is that dangerous?

mature enema videos mature enema videos mature enema videos

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