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Your one and only source on all the epic fail plot holes on this terrible show. you know you love me xoxo gossip girl (Dan Humphrey) gossipgirlplotholes. home askbox our stuff FAQ. Your one and only source on all the epic fail plot holes on this terrible show. you know you love me. Feb 22,  · It doesn’t seem possible that Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl. The CW In the six seasons of ” Gossip Girl,” audiences may have noticed some major plot holes and incongruencies.

In fact, since the finale aired in , more and more honorary Upper Easter Siders are still trying to dig up the dirt on a few key elements in the show. Despite a finale that wrapped things up pretty nicely, there are still quite a few unanswered Gossip Girl questions the upcoming HBO Max reboot had better reveal. The finale gave a glimpse five years into the future to find the snobby teens had turned into seemingly well-adjusted, successful adults.

Chuck and Blair were happily married, Dan and Serena were tying the knot, and Nate was apparently no longer dating teenagers. But there was still so much left open-ended. Will the reboot remedy that? It truly just is looking at a different angle.

dan gossip girl plot holes dan gossip girl plot holes dan gossip girl plot holes

Subscriber Account active since. Although the popular CW show, “Gossip Girl,” ended in , its six seasons continue to live on streaming services like Netflix. And if you were to look closely enough, you’d notice some things don’t always add up throughout the show, like the revelation of Gossip Girl’s identity.

But the real question surrounds her death and eventual resurrection. In the pilot episode, Chuck refers to his mother in the present tense and definitely gives no hint that she is deceased. A major storyline throughout the first couple of seasons, however, revolves around his mother’s death during childbirth and the blame he shouldered for it until he realizes that she might still be alive. Considering the elite status of Serena and her fellow Upper East Siders, it’s hard to imagine her rifling through the trash to retrieve her phone.

dan gossip girl plot holes dan gossip girl plot holes dan gossip girl plot holes

Dec 28,  · Honestly, like my GPA in college, Gossip Girl started off really strong and then plummeted towards its death as the seasons ticked on. But an addiction is an addition, so I rewatched the entire show despite it being pure trash and was inspired to launch an investigation into the unexplained plot holes of each season. Aug 20,  · A Gossip Girl fan on TikTok has discovered a few plot holes in the show’s first episode. Scroll on to learn more. XOXO. Scroll on to learn more. XOXO. By .

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Gossip Girl is one of those stories that can be rebooted whenever technology gives a leap forward and, as you probably know, social media and the way we use our cellphones have changed a lot since the original show ended in Of course, everyone who watched the original GG and somehow made it through some of the worst plots and subplots in TV history looking at you, Season 6 took the news with a grain of salt. Kristen Bell narration, amazing costume design, great soundtrack and had no problem improving on many of the issues that made the show fall flat before.

White people problems. The original Gossip Girl was that by its very definition. The new Gossip Girl , however, is not interested in only parading straight white people around. The protagonist Julien Jordan Alexander is a Black girl with a shaved head, which curiously is the same description of Vanessa in the books. Her half-sister Zoya Whitney Peak is also a Black girl but with a different background altogether.

And considering how it played out , it was better to leave it off. The truth is, the original series always advertised itself as bold and daring, but it barely scratched the surface on this matter, especially considering the target audience were teens and young adults. Once again, the new Gossip Girl outpaces the original, with characters that are openly bisexual and not conflicted at all about it, a hint so far at a polyamorous relationship, and the start of a touching storyline of a fully grown person who is starting to come to terms with their non-binary identity.

Just to give one example, The O. Back in , Gossip Girl had a blog. A blog. So, on top of being a major whistleblower, she also had to know basic HTML, and everyone had to read the scandalous tea on the tiny screens of their flip phones.

dan gossip girl plot holes dan gossip girl plot holes dan gossip girl plot holes

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